Dishwasher Repositionable Decal / Sticker

3" Waterproof Drity / Clean

3” Dirty/Clean Dishwasher Removable/Replaceable Sticker.  WATERPROOF for non magnetic dishwasher.


  • "ONE STICKER SAYS IT ALL"….simple, a loaded or empty dishwasher is “dirty”. Just flip to “clean” when the dishwasher is started. It’s that simple.

  • “STOP GUESSING”…… Are they clean? Are they Dirty? No more guessing and no more excuses with our trendy “Aqua & Gray" color scheme.

  • "WATERPROOF"... Keep those unwanted germs out of your kitchen. Rest assured you can safely wash this type of sticker with soap and water and keep that kitchen sparkling. Easy to clean and ready to use.

Perfect for NON - Magnetic Dishwashers

Dirty Clean Dishwasher Sticker / Decal For Non - Magnetic Dishwashers

  • “SAFE” …..this sticker is not metal or aluminum so it won’t scratch or damage your dishwasher or other appliances.... perfect solution for those with appliances that are NOT magnetic! Peal and stick, it’s that simple.
  • Guaranteed to work with every Dishwasher


  • “DURABLE & MADE IN USA”….. this is a premium 3" ROUND decal that is made to be repeatedly taken off and on your appliance. This product is also proudly made in the USA.